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Residential And Commercial Construction

In Pinehurst, TX 


General Contractor

Pilgrim Contractors, Inc. is a general contractor that offers both residential and commercial construction in Pinehurst, TX, and also specializes in industrial sales and services.  

Recent Projects List: 

Brazos River Authority

Arcola, Texas

$350,000 - new commercial construction, 8,000 s.f. slope paving, 5,400 s.f. lime stone road, structural steel, concrete structures, walk way bridges.

Kickerillo Development

Houston, Texas

$1,200,000 - new commercial construction, 93,000 c y. water run off retention pond, 6,500 l. f.  concrete wall, 2,000 l.f. storm drain, 20 head walls, 1 outfall structure.

Ethyl Chemical

Pasadena, Texas

$2,150,000 - new commercial construction, liquid bulk material facility, 9,000 s.f. paving,  mechanical piping, structural steel, electrical, 8,000 l.f. storm drain, installation of rail road loading spur.

Ethyl Chemical

Pasadena, Texas

$560,000 - new commercial construction, tank farm area, 4 tank rings, 4-4,000 s.f. containment areas, 3,200 l.f. concrete walls, 4 sump areas complete with all utilities and equipment, 2,600 l.f.asphalt road.

Ethyl Chemical

Pasadena, Texas

$1,135,000 - environmental soil redemption, soil solidification, soilcompaction, soil testing, transportation of hazardous material.

Browning Ferris Industries

Houston, Texas

$875,000 - demolition and  new commercial construction of 2 storm water run off   collection facilities, concrete structures, paving, utilities, equipment.


Ethyl Chemical

Pasadena, Texas

$540,000 - demolition of 2- 40,000 gallon tanks, clean, transport waste, vent tanks, dispose of all materials, certify that site is free of all contaminated materials.

Continental Airlines

Houston, Texas

$320,000 - new commercial construction, concrete multi  weir underground sump, 1,500 s.f. asphalt paving, 1,250 l.f. storm drain, 16 filter pack  systems, equipment, piping.

J. W. Lighting

Houston, Texas

$1,400,000 - 23,000 s.f. new commercial construction ground out, pre-engineered dock high building, warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution  center.

Union Carbide

Texas City, Texas

$700,000 - new commercial construction parking area, 180,000 s.f. asphalt paving,  flex base and lime stone.

FMC Chemical

Pasadena, Texas

$235,000 - new commercial construction, underground utilities, 10,000 s.f.paving.

City of Kemah

Kemah, Texas

$1,150,000 - new commercial construction, water line system for the cities of Kemah, West Kemah and Clear Lake Shores.


City of Pasadena

Pasadena, Texas

$350,000 - new commercial construction of 2 lift stations, installation of equipment, electrical panels, piping, 2,400 l.f. lime stone road.

City of Baytown

Baytown, Texas

$720,000 - slip line existing sanitary lines, install new sanitary lines, asphalt paving, lime stone base.

South Shore Harbor

League City , Texas

$622,000 - new residential construction, concrete paving, patternconcrete, colored concrete, lime existing sub grade, compaction of soil.

Harris County

Houston, Texas

$930,000 - new commercial construction, concrete bridge, concrete paving, guard rail, slope paving, asphalt paving, base material.


Clear Lake City, Texas

$450,000 - new commercial construction, concrete paving,  asphalt paving, base material, under ground utilities.

Tyson Foods

Gonzales, Texas

$150,000 - 7,000 s.f. new commercial construction ground out, structural steel, brick veneer, complete office facility.

Holly Farms

Gonzales, Texas

$750,000 - 13,000 s.f. new commercial construction ground out, wood framed, pre-engineered wood trusses, brick veneer, private self contained 

processing plant.

Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms

Gonzales, Texas

$250,000 - 10,000 s.f. build out, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, with special equipment finish out, for mushroom farm.

Government H.U.D. Division

Lockhart, Texas

$150,000 - 4,000 s.f. new commercial construction ground out, steel with brick veneer..



Custom Home Builder In Pinehurst, TX

Custom Homes

Austin, Texas

$2,325,000 - new home construction ground out.

Custom Homes

Gonzales, Texas

$1,750,000 - new home construction ground out.

Custom Homes

San Antonio, Texas

$2,300,000 - new home construction ground out.


 Custom Homes

Tomball, Texas

$16,300,000 - new home construction ground


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